Your Marketing Crystal Ball: Mancuso Media’s Newsletterđź”®

Your Marketing Crystal Ball: Mancuso Media’s Newsletterđź”®


How Digital TV Delivery Will Change How NBCUniversal Sells Ads for the 2028 Olympics

By the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, NBCUniversal believes it’s “within reason” that all TV will be delivered through an internet connection, said its EVP of strategy and business operations, Krishan Bhatia, in an interview with AdExchanger. This will enable more addressable, contextual ads, improving consumer experience and brands’ return.

Read the rest of the interview, including what else needs to happen to realize linear addressability, on AdExchanger.


Inside the NBA Conference Finals: An Advertising and Viewership Deep Dive

From the start of the first round on April 13, through the end of the conference finals on May 25, the NBA Playoffs generated 29.5 billion ad impressions on an estimated TV spend of $624.9 million, according to TV ad measurement and attribution company Top brand advertisers for the playoffs to this point have included Progressive (estimated $18.1 million), AT&T Wireless ($17.6M), Kia ($16.1M), Corona Extra ($16M) and Burger King ($15.1M). In total, 15 different brands have spent at least $10 million on NBA Playoffs advertising so far.

Learn more about the ad conversation and viewership surrounding the playoffs.

Digital Advertising Trends To Watch in 2019 And Beyond

The Interactive Advertising Bureau assembled industry professionals for a day-long symposium discussing the latest trends in new media. 5 of the most important data and trends revealed were:

  1. The digital video takeoff – Digital video ad spend continues to climb as advertisers go where their customers are
  2. The influx of influencers – Seventy percent of advertisers currently work with influencers, and 40% plan to increase influencer budgets in the coming months.
  3. Diversifying reach – Maximize impressions on as many consumers as possible, while making sure your brand’s voice is clear and consistent in whatever channel you choose
  4. Emerging tech for 2022 – Advancements in technology will change how consumers use and interact with content
  5. The evolution of Direct to Consumer brands – Direct to consumer brands are exploring new advertising channels and content

Learn more from Forbes.

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