Important Marketing Info to Know for 2020 from Mancuso Media

Important Marketing Info to Know for 2020 from Mancuso Media

Consumer Trust Relies Heavily on Reviews and Brand Honesty

A recent Trustpilot survey found that consumers would lose trust in a brand not only if they saw negative reviews, but also if the brand went one step further and deleted negative reviews. Not having any reviews at all also played a big role in their distrust of a company. Nearly all respondents said positive customer reviews increased their trust in a brand, while 80.1% said they trusted companies that have a lot of customers reviews. If a company responded to negative customer comments, that would drive up trust for 79.9% of those surveyed.

Learn more about how online reviews can make or break a consumer’s path to purchase.

Location Data is Improving OOH Ads in Starkly Different Ways

There are no ad blockers for billboards or other out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Amazingly, OOH ads are almost always visible and seem to annoy consumers far less often than digital and TV ads, leading to a renaissance in OOH with the industry expected to double by 2023. Effective OOH ads zero in on context, which entails delivering a memorable message at an opportune place, and are inexpensive and effective compared to other channels when done correctly.

Learn more about effective OOH campaigns, as well as how to design a billboard that connects with your audience. Then contact Mancuso Media about creating on out-of-home campaign for your business today!

Programmatic for Traditional Linear TV

Traditional linear TV’s audience has long been fractured, first by an avalanche of new cable programming and then by the advent of streaming video. Traditional linear TV does still have power during key moments that matter in pop culture or during a specific event that is coming to life in media (think the Super Bowl or Rose Parade), but it needs to be supplemented to deliver the right level of reach and frequency to break through to viewers. To address this, programmatic TV buying can be a great complement to traditional TV buys.

Learn more about the benefits of programmatic linear TV advertising and how it is evolving.

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