Social Media

There is no denying that social media is both all the rage and an essential element to your business’ marketing plan. Social media has become an avenue for highly targeted marketing that not only allows your customers to engage with your brand, but also acts as a measuring tool for customer sentiment. We represent your brand in a way that makes it stand out from the crowd.

At Mancuso Media, we rock social media across multiple platforms to ensure your content is reaching your desired audience. From customized graphics to perfectly phrased tweets, we’ve got you covered! In addition to unique content creation we provide monthly reports that let you know how your growth and posts are doing. Platform management is something that is old hat to us. Let us create an amazing content calendar for your business and see your followers soar! Contact us today so we can get started.


This is the old timer and the heavy weight of the social media world. With over 1 billion daily Facebook users, having an active and impactful Facebook business page is essential. Facebook allows for the most targeted ads within the social media realm. With our help, you can narrow down your target audience to the T and follow up on the success of each and every ad campaign.


Twitter takes the cake when it comes to lightening fast, relevant news and content. With thousands of tweets flooding cyberspace at any given moment, it can be tricky to have your brand’s messages seen. In a blip, your tweet can become buried under a mountain of other user’s content.

In fact, some have equated Twitter to an online cocktail party; there’s a lot of chatter. Luckily we have tactful ways to ensure your messaging is received and more importantly, ensure you are taking part in the Twitter conversation. Engagement is key.


Instagram is newer to the social media scene but is by no means slow to start. With over 300 million monthly active users, they are one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Being an entirely image based and aesthetically driven channel, top quality photos are imperative to one’s success on Instagram. Product styling and content curation are not only our specialty but are also a surefire way to land a multitude of followers.  We pride ourselves in strategic hashtagging and user engagement – both avenues to Instagram stardom.


Video is king. Moving images have long since been deemed the most effective way to catch your consumer’s attention. The first television advertisers knew this well. While in today’s world the way in which consumers view video has drastically changed (thanks to elements like DVR), video still remains a powerhouse for reaching your target audience. YouTube offers the convenience of allowing viewers to watch what they want, when they want, as well as a seamless opportunity to slip in your messaging when viewers are most attentive.


Snapchat has become a marketer’s dream platform. With wildly successful growth, brands are clamoring to have their daily compilation of videos (known as a “Story”) displayed before the eyes of their followers. This platform has amazing capabilities and allows for brands to show an intimate, behind the scenes view of their business. And let’s be honest, those funny face filters are the BEST.

Every business is different. We take into account all aspects of your brand to determine which platforms will work best for your product or service. Our social media strategists are well-versed in numerous platforms, beyond what we have listed here. Contact us today to start brainstorming your social media success!